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Serving the Hudson Valley

Throughout the Hudson Valley and its surrounding communities, people in need of legal assistance have turned to the Law Office of Ronald K. Friedman, Esq. for legal services including real estate law, personal injury cases and commercial transactions. Located in the village of Fishkill, New York, the firm offers its clients personalized legal attention from an attorney with decades of experience.

By working with his clients one on one, Ron establishes a relationship with them which serves as the foundation for effective and efficient legal representation. Ron’s clients feel that their file is being handled by an attorney who not only is personally familiar with their matter, but who cares about them as people as well as clients.

When faced with legal issues, be it the purchase of a first home or a car accident, a client deserves to be represented by an attorney who has years of experience handling these matters. Furthermore, a client needs an attorney who is not only knowledgeable of the law but knows the realities of life.

With more than 40 years of experience practicing law in New York, Ron provides his clients with the seasoned legal judgment required to best address their legal needs. As a result of his experience, Ron has learned how to help his clients navigate the many side issues which are part and parcel of resolving their legal issues. His years of practice has taught Ron that representing clients is more than just knowing the text of the law; it requires knowing how to explain the law to his clients in ways that are understandable and make sense to them.

Real Estate

The Law Office of Ronald K. Friedman provides its clients with the legal knowledge and experience necessary to best represent buyers and sellers of real estate, whether it’s a first home, an investment property or the purchase of a foreclosed property.

Other Practice Areas

Our firm can help you with a wide variety of legal matters, including automobile accident cases, slip and falls, construction and worksite injury cases, landlord-tenant matters, commercial transactions and wills and estates.

About the Firm

Learn more about how the Law Office of Ronald K. Friedman, Esq. practices.

Seasoned Legal Judgment Matters

Most legal cases do not present “paint by number” situations. For the most part, each case or file involve their own specific factual and legal issues which requires the seasoned judgment of an attorney who can size up the specific issues and resolve them by “thinking outside the box”. It is our firm’s duty and promise that every matter that comes into our office will get the individualized attention and time necessary to resolve those issues in our client’s best
interests. In order to do this, Ron will spend whatever time is necessary on a file, and as importantly, explain these
issues to his clients.

The firm’s practice places a particular emphasis on real estate matters including purchases and sales, new construction, leases and landlord-tenant matters. In addition to having a well- deserved reputation for knowing the many areas involving real estate, Ron is also known for his command of other areas as well, including personal injury law, wills, transactional matters and business law.

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