Other Areas of Practice

Nearly 40 Years Of Experience

In addition to the firm’s focus on real estate matters, Ronald K. Friedman, Esq, PLLC, draws on nearly 40 years of legal experience to represent clients in a broad range of legal matters throughout Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley area.

Over the course of his many years in practice, Ron has represented injured parties in personal injury lawsuits involving automobile accidents; construction worksite accidents; and premises liability actions. In doing, Ron has acquired a reputation and expertise in construction worksite cases, known as “scaffold law” cases, such that other attorneys have referred those cases to him to handle for their clients. In addition, Ron has represented plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation, including breach of contract actions, business fraud and interference cases, mechanic’s lien claims and usury actions.

Ron has also represented many clients who need representation when they form and start a new business or buy or sell an ongoing business, including restaurants and pizzerias, laundromats, printing businesses, automotive repair shops,  beauty parlors and insurance agencies.

During the course of his 40 years of practice, Ron also services those clients who need a last will and testament and other estate documents, including a health care proxy, living will and power of attorney. 

Finally, Ron often consults with clients who require a wide variety of legal advice with regard to the many legal and personal issues which we all have to deal with in today’s complicated life.

Focused On Solving Your Legal Problems

Ron’s philosophy in representing his clients is to emphasize an individualized approach to all of legal matters. In doing so, Ron focuses on listening to and hearing each of his client’s needs in order to be able to recognize the specific issues which brought them to his office. As a result, Ron has represented, and continues to represent, clients and their families for more 30 years. Ron is proud of the fact that his clients continue to return to his office and refer their friends and family to him for legal representation. 

As a result, you can depend on Ron for effective representation in a number of different kinds of cases, including, for instance:

  • Automobile accident and other personal injury cases
  • Construction worksite accidents
  • Wills and other estate matters
  • Commercial transactions
  • Commercial litigation.