Real Estate

Experienced Guidance For Real Estate In Fishkill

While Ron has represented real estate clients who presently reside in Dutchess County to those moving from Seattle, Washington to Poughkeepsie, he is particularly well-suited to represent clients who are moving from New York City into the Dutchess County area. Having practiced law and lived in New York City, including Manhattan and Brooklyn, Ron is familiar with those communities as well as the differences in perspective from living there. If you are moving to Dutchess County from the Brooklyn, Manhattan or the Bronx, you can benefit from the Ron’s 40 years of experience in handling all types of real estate transactions involving clients from Red Hook in Dutchess County to Red Hook in Brooklyn and everywhere in between. Ron brings more than 40 years of legal experience to every real estate matter he handles here in Fishkill and throughout the Hudson Valley area.

How Attorney Ronald K. Friedman, Esq, PLLC, Can Help You

As your lawyer, Ron commits himself to providing you with individualized legal attention. That means he will work one-on-one with you to help you understand the process of buying and selling a home, beginning with meeting with you to reviewing, explaining and signing contracts to ordering a title search report to preparing you for your closing. In doing so, Ron always tries to remember what it is like from his clients’ perspective. One of Ron’s primary goals when representing a buyer or seller of a home, especially a first-time buyer, is to make sure that his clients understand everything that is being done, and that they are totally prepared for the closing. Ron is proud of the fact that he and his paralegal make sure that there are no surprises for the client at the closing.

The Law Office of Ronald K. Friedman, Esq. PLLC can represent you in a wide range of real estate related matters, including:

  • The purchase or sale of residential or commercial property
  • Purchasing investment property, including multiple dwellings
  • Advising clients who are contemplating purchasing a distressed property being sold at foreclosure
  • Mortgage loan transactions
  • Landlord-tenant matters, including lease agreements and evictions

As a result of his experience and expertise, Ron is able to provide you with legal representation that is not only effective, but also economically efficient, prompt and even enjoyable. When it comes to a real estate transaction, “time is of the essence” for you and your family. As a result, you will appreciate Ron’s ability to prepare and send out contracts quickly; meet with you promptly to review and sign contracts; and get to the closing table as quickly as your needs require.